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Veneers are most often applied over the front-most teeth to correct stained, cracked, chipped, or crooked teeth. Smaller, more localized problems may be treatable using dental bonding procedures.

Veneers are made of either porcelain or composite resins. Composite resins are applied directly to the teeth, and then shaped appropriately. Porcelain veneers are thin hard shells that must be constructed in a lab before being bonded over the teeth.

Composite veneers are typically less expensive than their porcelain counter-parts, but they have a slightly shorter life span. Composite resin restorations last between five and seven years, whereas porcelain veneers typically last well over 15 years.

Unlike bonding procedures used for small problems, most veneers require a tooth reduction prior to placement. This means that the thickness of your teeth must be slightly reduced to provide enough room for the veneer



If having a brighter, whiter smile is something you’ve always dreamed about, now is the time to act. After a brief consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for whitening, you can select from two different whitening systems. A take-home system allows you to monitor your own progress. Our new in-office ZOOM system let’s you walk out with a whiter, brighter smile in one appointment. You’ll be amazed at the results!